Improve Your Company's Fortunes

We take the worries out of your investments.



Sixforces works with decision-makers to build better businesses and ensure that they are the ones ​doing the disrupting.

We collaborate with clients to develop better strategies, build competitive advantage, and achieve financial objectives.


We team up with clients to develop and implement disruptive business plans and financial structures.

Sixforces concentrates its advisory and finance activities in the online education, adventure-tourism, publishing, and private equity industries.


Sixforces helps businesses and institutions develop, finance, and exploit disruptive business models.

We also invest as principals in private companies and disruptive business models. Current investments include, Toteflix Inc., and the J2R Consortium.

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Case Study

Our broadcast client was a start-up, disrupting the cable industry with high-definition content, but starved for capital. The client turned to Sixforces to kick-start a moribund capital raise and to advise the company on the terms and conditions. Our client avoided an impending cash crunch, closed the financing, and subsequently built a great success story, capitalizing on a burgeoning HDTV environment. Producing and aggregating great high-definition video content, the company added millions of subscribers and was eventually sold for $85 million.

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