Enjoy the View from the Top

We help you sell your company, your way.


Sixforces is different. Our principals have purchased, built, financed and sold our own businesses several times.

Business owners can count on our judgment to guide them through the selling process with an innate sense of how to get the job done.


Sixforces specializes in selling and capitalizing profitable, private businesses.

We also work with owners of businesses to help them improve performance and package their businesses for sale or financing.


Our company has three decades of finance, transactional, and operational experience across multiple industries.

Although no two businesses are the same, there is no substitute for experience and the application of proven principles.

Case Study - Business Sale

Prior to our engagement, our manufacturing client had tentatively probed the market for buyers without success. Once our firm was engaged, we recommended and undertook a comprehensive auction process that included market assessments of prospective strategic and private equity buyers, preparation of a compelling confidential information memorandum, extensive outreach to prospective buyers, followed by numerous confidential phone calls and meetings with them. After receiving several offers, our client chose its preferred buyer and the deal was closed for more than $70 million.

Case Study - Growth Capital

Our broadcast client was a start-up, disrupting the cable industry with high-definition content, but starved for capital. The client turned to Sixforces to kick-start a moribund capital raise and to advise the company on the terms and conditions. Our client avoided an impending cash crunch, closed the financing, and subsequently built a great success story, capitalizing on a burgeoning HDTV environment. Producing and aggregating great high-definition video content, the company added millions of subscribers and was eventually sold for $85 million.

Case Study - Leveraged Buyout

Our targeted acquisition was a very profitable, well-run, but low-profile plastics manufacturing business. We successfully negotiated a high seven-figure purchase price at fair-market cash flow values, then closed a highly-leveraged purchase of the target within 90 days. A combination of secured revolver loan, secured fixed-asset loan, subordinated debt and vendor take-back, combined with a highly-efficient tax plan, enabled us to complete the acquisition with only 3% equity in the capital structure. The company continued to operate successfully and return 10X investments to the principals.

Case Study - Reverse Takeover

Our private company was a successful distributor of computer hardware and software. We were approached by a small publicly-traded company to consider a reverse takeover. We successfully negotiated a fair-market valuation with the acquiring public company and steered the acquisition through a private-placement investment and share exchange. After the transaction, our original shareholders exercised control of the public company, and created enterprise market value that was many multiples of our original investment.