Our Track Record

During the past two decades, we have been developing online platforms, producing broadcast-quality video for education and television, and helping clients craft and implement winning strategies.

We authored and published the world's first three video ebooks for university level economics. We also developed and launched the TextbookVideos Micro and Macroeconomics Video Study Guides online, featuring 290 professionally-produced videos.

During the past decade, we built six e-learning and web-based business models, we produced six television programs and 600+ videos. We have filmed three Canadian prime ministers and one Governor-General.

Corporations, governments, universities, and even heads of state, trust us to do the job, as specified, on time, and on budget.

In August 2017, we launched Econblox - a series of great, educational videos and interactive content on the wildly successful Top Hat platform.

Video Samples

Unscripted for Education

This two minute unscripted, educational video explores natural monopolies. The video includes on-site footage, animation, graphics and b-roll in a professional package.

Animated Key Concepts

This 37 second educational video teaches a key microeconomics concept. The video incorporates professionally-produced animations to communicate the message.

Scripted for Education

This three minute scripted educational video introduces a free online course for consumers. The video features a professional actor, animation, graphics and b-roll.

Online Platforms

Many of our projects include online platforms that either deliver applications or provide content that is key to the project's success.

​Some examples of these projects that we have successfully led:

In 2017, we built and launched, a website that makes it easy for financial advisors and investors to access and quickly understand ideas shared by thought-leaders in the asset management industry.

E-Learning Content

During the past decade, we have written and published multimedia and video-rich ebooks, and produced hundreds of broadcast-quality, educational videos.

We believe that educators and trainers, are facing a tsunami of change. Organizations that innovate will thrive. Those that do not will fall by the wayside.

We can help you be a winner.

Some examples of our work:

In 2013, we completed production of the 200 broadcast-quality videos for college-level introductory economics courses.

We also wrote and published the world's first Microeconomics Video Study Guides, published using Apple's multi-touch authoring tool for iPad. These e-books are available at Amazon and the Apple iStore.

These video guides led to the creation of Economics Learning Systems' series of turnkey online economics courses and the Econblox video series available on Top Hat.

Since 2011, Sixforces has produced nearly 400 broadcast-quality videos for distance learning.

Winning Strategies

We work with you to build winning strategies. Whether we are writing a business plan or raising capital for your company.

Representative examples of our clients and investments:

3D Special FX Studio

Canadian HD broadcaster

Web-to-print software company

Major cancer clinic

Online education publisher

Multinational classified publisher

Professional sports franchise

World’s largest trader of Ferraris

Web-based software companies

DIY plan company

Web-based scheduler for doctors

Computer distribution company

Plastics distribution companies

Major Canadian investment bank

Canadian private equity funds

Professional sports leagues

Internet Services Provider

International plastics company

Medical science company​