Solving Your Puzzle


Four case studies that show how we problem-solve

Customers identified that videos should be packaged with more content. Content developed and launched as Video Study Guides for iPad and web.

Online finance course needed to be 100% accurate. We reviewed course material and produced scripted videos featuring a professional actor.

84 videos needed to be produced affordably for 9 different museums. We organized four film crews, working in parallel, to meet deadlines.

Start-up broadcast client needed to kick-start a moribund financing. Sixforces began work, and client completed financing within months.


The tsunami of change in e-learning is coming, and competitors need to know how to ride it. Anticipate change or be a victim of it.

We believe that great digital education and training experiences are framed by three key factors: presentation, purposed multi-media content and feedback loops. Great instructors drive great online education and training experiences. But, they need the tools.

Starting with the big picture, we help you benchmark your current position. Then we help you identify where your organization needs to go.


Sixforces helps businesses and institutions plan, develop, acquire and monetize their assets. We work with decision-makers to build better businesses internally and externally.

Internally, we collaborate with decision-makers to develop better strategies, operations and to build competitive advantage.

Externally, we help organizations secure and satisfy more customers. To finance such growth, we regularly lead or support corporate finance missions, including the acquisition and sale of private companies.

Content Production

The devil is in the details. To produce great content, we roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in the details. Great organizations execute the details well.

Whether a video is produced for broadcast or online education, it needs to be entertaining and engaging. We polished our skills producing television commercials and programs. Two examples of our work:

We have produced about 400 videos educational videos. Two examples of videos produced for museums show how well a carefully scripted, affordable video can communicate a message.

Corporate Finance

Sixforces offers a wide range of corporate finance services, extending from business valuations to equity raises. We have direct experience in the key areas of private company corporate finance, which means that you will not be paying for an inexperienced associate to learn on the job.

Our experience includes:

  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Business Valuations
  • Sale Mandates
  • Sell Side Auctions
  • Deal Structuring
  • Equity Raises
  • Debt Raises
  • Going Public
  • Management Buyouts
  • Re-capitalizations
  • Reverse Takeovers